Friday, October 2, 2015

World Animal Day – How you can help without leaving home


To mark World Animal Day on 4 October this year, we would like to invite animal lovers around the world to join us in sending love and healing energy to animals in need on our planet.

Myself and my mom, Reiki Master Carol Mulrooney, will be conducting a healing ritual for animals worldwide in celebration of St Francis day. We would like to include you and your animal friends. 

How you can participate

To receive healing

Pop over to this post on our facebook page and leave your name and the names of your animal companions in the comments and we'll include all of you in our Reiki healing circle.

To send healing

We’ll be holding our ceremony at 8am standard South African time on Sunday morning. You can join us at the same time in your time zone. The time of day isn’t as important as your intention to send love and healing out into the world.

A simple healing ritual you can follow if you choose

What you’ll need
  • Table cloth
  • A candle and matches
  • Some incense
  • Crystals
  • Vase of fresh flowers
  • Animal totem cards
  • Pictures, photos and statues of animals – including your companion animals
  • Pen and paper
  • Your written intention
  • A prayer that you’ve chosen
  • A list of things that you’re grateful for in your own life
  • A fireproof container

This is a general list, you can include any items that are sacred to you. 

How to conduct your ritual

Start off by creating your sacred space

  • Set your altar or area: arrange your items on your tablecloth in a semi circle around your photos, which you’ll place in the centre.
  • Light your candle and incense. 
  • Smudge the air around you and your space – the smoke will cleanse the air.

Set your intention. Something simple will do:

My intention is to use this opportunity to connect with animal lovers around the world, and send love and healing light to all the animals in need around out beautiful planet. 

You could list the animals that you know of who live in dire circumstances.
Some examples might be:

  • Those in puppy mills
  • Those used in circuses and for human entertainment everywhere
  • Rhinos in Africa who are being poached for their horns
  • Lions trapped in the canned hunting industry
  • Dogs who are used for fighting
  • Animals in shelters who are waiting for their forever homes
  • Animals who are lost or have been abandoned
  • Those whose habitats are under threat
You get the idea.

The trick here, though, dear empaths...
is not to allow this depressing list to trigger thoughts and feelings of anger in you. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to keep your heart’s vibration high. 

By that I mean, keep taking deep breaths and put your hands over your own heart space and focus on the LOVE you feel for animals. All animals. And expand THAT feeling out into the air around you.

If your thoughts keep turning to the pain and suffering, turn your attention back to your written intention:

My intention is to use this opportunity to connect with animal lovers around the world and send love and healing light to all the animals in need around out beautiful planet. 

Use your imagination
Imagine that we are all connected to one another (which we are); imagine your energy expanding and touching the energy of another person, just like you, see your expanding energy as a pink light connecting and growing in a cloud of love that eventually circles our planet. Focus on that. On the vibration of love that you are adding to. And keep breathing that love into your body and out again in the world. 

Once you feel comfortable with this energy, read your list out loud. Focus on that healing energy and put your hand on your heart to support yourself emotionally.

If you have experience using reiki, remember to use the reiki symbols to reinforce your intention. 

Read your prayer out loud and imagine that it’s heard by those whose hearts are softened and opened where they most need to be.

Ending with gratitude

Read your gratitude list. Notice how peaceful you feel, and how a feeling of gratitude helps to ground our energy and intention. Give thanks for the safety of your own companion animals. For the love they share unconditionally with us. 

Give thanks for all those animals who have found forever homes, for the open-hearted among us who provide shelter and food for animals where they can. 

Give thanks and send love to all the shelter workers, park rangers and individuals who save, care for, protect and rescue animals where they can.

Sit quietly a while and give thanks for all the good in the world.

If you choose, you can burn your written intentions and prayers and gratitude list. If they’re something you want to keep, take a photo with your phone or scan them first. 

Traditionally, smoke is considered to have carried prayers to heaven. Burn your papers and trust that your prayers and healing requests will travel to where they are most needed.

Thank you so much for sharing your uplifting energy with all of us!

This is how we can help change old patterns and transform old ways of thinking. By sending our love into the world. Our collective, ongoing energetic focus will help shift the old and transmute those energies into higher vibrating ones.

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