Who are Animal Empaths?

Animal Empath

Colleen Mulrooney 

Colleen is the founder of Animal Empaths.

A lifelong animal lover, she uses animal communication and animal healing techniques to help her clients explore their human-animal bond.

She identifies as a Highly Sensitive Person and empath.

Colleen is an Animal Reiki Practitioner, a TTouch Practitioner for horses and Pet Bereavement Councellor.

She has a Certificate in Ethology (animal behaviour) from Pretoria University. She has been a TTouch Practitioner for horses since 2006; and a reiki practitioner for people and their animals since 2004.

She is also the creator of PetPawtraits – where she has been creating original animal art for 20 years. 

Colleen is Carol Mulrooney's daughter. 

Carol Mulrooney

Carol is an International Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master, an intuitive energy healer and empath for humans and animals.

She founded Satori, Place of Healing and Enlightenment in Magaliesburg, where she treated both people, and their companion animals for 10 years before relocating to George in the Western Cape.

Her passion is teaching people about the connection shared by all beings, and to dispel the belief that animals do not have souls. 

Her aim is to assist people in understanding that our animal companions choose to be with us as our teachers and healers; that we can communicate with them on a physical, mental and soul level, while they remain in constant touch with us, even from the spiritual realm.

She has been a Reiki teacher for almost 20 years.