Kind words from clients

What I value most about Colleen"s work is her ability to be honest and forthright in a gentle and compassionate way, also her amazing accuracy! Colleen was very calm, compassionate and honest with me during what was for me an excruciatingly painful experience of the loss of my cat. I respect and admire Colleen's many skills as a communicator. Most importantly Colleen is not afraid of sharing important information in a truthful gentle way during a challenging situation. I felt better able to deal with the shock of the death of my cat after my consultation with Colleen. April Whiston

Thank you Colleen for the really awesome reading you did for me after Jack’s passing last year. When I first read it (a couple of months after he had ‘gone’) – there were certain points that stood out for me such as the part about he and I having been together as a boy and his donkey (you didn’t know at that point that my first ‘equine’ this time round was a donkey). Besides that you were so spot on with the entire reading even though I think I was so emotional at having had to make such a hard decision that I didn’t really didn’t ‘get it’. I have recently re-read it and it really has had an immensely positive impact this time, I do believe that my boy is ‘overseeing’ what happens here at Indigo Horse Centre – just as you say in the reading – quote “It feels like Jack is the overseer of everything... he’s like an umbrella energy, covering the property.” I feel him around me often when working with the kids and horses and with Jeanie and the horses… It is now a confirmation for me on the connection Jack and I had/have without the raw pain of emotion. You truly have an amazing gift, thank you. Sharon van Rensburg

Thank you once again for the readings, everything made perfect sense and you've got my babies down to a tee! It has taken me so long to write you a testimonial, because it is hard to put into words the impact that your work has made on my life. Every interaction that I and my animals have had with you has been healing, nurturing, and incredible. You are so accurate, and your feedback is always clear, but packaged with much love, empathy and compassion. My animals all love your healing hands. I could always sense when you had been with Vantage from his relaxed and content demeanour after he had seen you. Your readings have brought me so much closer with all my animals, and our relationships have simply blossomed. Your connections with Vantage after he passed literally saved me. I don't know how to thank you or really let you know what you have done for me, a testimonial vouching for your amazing gift seems so meagre. But, here it is, with so much love and gratitude. Thank you!  Jeanie Cavé

My golden Lab, Oliver, had loved his obedience training and the shows for years. All of a sudden he would not give his best at shows. He was indifferent and bored. As a result I became despondent. Oliver explained to Colleen that he loves the training but that I became heavy at shows and this made him feel unsure of himself. I adopted a much more positive & lighthearted attitude in the ring, and he is back on his winning form! My thanks to Colleen! Bernadette de Villiers