My mission

My mission is based on my story. 

It's based on the times in my life when one of my animal companions died and I felt lost and alone and misunderstood. 

There was the time my cat was run over and two weeks later my boyfriend told me to stop crying because “it’s enough already, Colleen.” The time I had to euthanise my mare and I was living on my own and had no support. And the time when I finally made the decision to say goodbye to my Jack Russell doggle, and a friend gave me the regular line of: You knew this was coming, she was old, this too shall pass.

I don’t think anyone should have to cope with the loss of their animal friend and deal with a general lack of sympathy and understanding on top it. 

So I’ve created a collection of useful ways to help you cope, and to support you through your journey of loss and grief. This is what I wish I’d had available to me during the tough times in my life. 

Along this journey, you’ll deepen your spiritual relationship with the animals in your life, and develop  your intuition and natural healing abilities too. 

This is how we change our lives and the lives of the animals in our care. 

This is how we become the change we want to see in the world.